The Adjust Part Window

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Updated at March 19th, 2021


This is the popup window you'll see when you want to edit a part, whether you're in a project working on an estimate for a customer or in your Part Library editing the library of parts in your account. You can customize the part information such as the description, material costs, labor costs, the report text, notes for yourself, and a part image. Let's take a look in closer detail!

Here are the four main sections of the Adjust Part Window:Adjust Part Window Sections 

1) Part Description and Actions

Right at the top of the window, you'll see where you can edit the description of a part as well as a few actions related to the part.

The Description is your internal text for the part and you can easily adjust the description by editing it here!

You can even click over the document icon to the right of the description to see where in the Part Library this part is saved (the Category, Sub-Category, and Part Group).

You can also Favorite an item in your Part Library or Move/Copy/Delete a part from your project.

More about Part Actions

2) Part Cost Calculation

Here you can set up, customize, and preview how your part cost is calculated! You can easily include any combination of material, labor, and subcontractor costs so your costs can be put into the buckets you want. You can even customize how each cost is calculated!

Make sure you're entering the quantity for the part on the right side under the Quantity!

How Part Costs are Calculated

The preview on the right side gives you a great view of how the part cost is being calculated. In the column on the left side of the preview, you can see the per-unit cost for material, labor, and subcontractor costs. This is great when you're thinking about your part on a per-unit basis. Then on the right, you can see the total costs for this part, once the per-unit cost is multiplied by the part quantity!


3) Report Text

This is where you can edit how your part appears on the estimate itself. When you generate the formal proposal, for example, we'll use the text from the "Formal Text" box to show that item on your estimate. So if you want to change the text for a part on your estimate, you've come to the right place!

Customize Report Text for a Part

Report Text Shortcuts


4) Miscellaneous

This gives you a couple of final customizations you can make for your part. Easily upload an image here and it will automatically be included in the "Image Gallery" of your estimate.

You can also write notes about the part here, great for a part number or even a link to your supplier! Your customer won't see these notes, only you!

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