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Updated at November 11th, 2022


Not computer savvy? No problem! Clear Estimates has help guides just for you. The Visual Library is a step by step walkthrough of Clear Estimates, to help even the greenest computer users get started with the software! 

First, let's make sure you have what you need to get started. Below are resources for new computer users, to help you learn the basics of your device. 

New Computer User Resources

Are you using a Windows computer? Here's a great guide on how to use your device:

Getting Started with Windows 

Are you using a Mac computer? Here's a great guide on how to use your device: 

Getting Started with Mac 

Clear Estimates runs in your computer's browser. To learn how to use a browser, click here: 

How To Use Your Browser

Clear Estimates Basics

Now that you're familiar with the basics of your computer, let's talk about Clear Estimates! You can full-screen this video, and use the 'progress bar' at the bottom of your video to find different chapters. There is a chapter for all of the basic tasks needed to get started with Clear Estimates! 

Or, find this resource on YouTube here!


 Additional Resources

Clear Estimates Standard Training Tutorial 
Getting Started Guides 


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