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Have you seen property information about your customers? Here's where it comes from!

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Updated at September 1st, 2022

PRO Only Feature

If you have a Clear Estimates PRO account, you will automatically see information about your customers' properties on the Customer Page, as long as we can find information about it. 




For Clear Estimates PRO users, you can now see property information about your customers' properties, as long as we can find information about the property. This will happen automatically when you have entered a new customer address, although it may take a few minutes to populate on your screen. 

We obtain this information from ATTOM Data Solutions which collects property information from a variety of different sources and makes it available to tools like Clear Estimates. 


How Does it Work?

Once you've added a full address for a customer in your Customer page on Clear Estimates, we will ping ATTOM Data to see what information they have about the property. 

If we do have data about the property, we will display it for you automatically right on the customer page! That's it! Just make sure you have a proper address (including zip code, if you know it) so we can pull up as much accurate information as possible. 

You'll see the information listed under the “Property Information” section of your customer's profile. 

Once the address is added for a customer, you can see property information below. 


How should I use this information?

That's up to you! We suggest treating this as informative but verify any critical information for the project on-site. We hope it helps add some context to your projects so you can make more informed decisions about your estimates!


Where does it come from?

We source the data from a 3rd party service called ATTOM Data Solutions and we show you the information directly as they display it to us. While every property in the US may not be covered, and some data may be imperfect, you should see highly accurate and reliable information about most properties. 

  • ATTOM blends property, real estate, school and neighborhood data for more than 155 million U.S. properties.
  • Covers 99 percent of the nation’s population and is multi-sourced from more than 3,000 U.S. counties.
  • Inman Innovator Awards, 2021 SP200 award
  • Used by leading mortgage firms like LendingTree and TopHap.
  • Featured in Bloomberg and USA Today.


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