How to Export an Estimate to Buildertrend

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Updated at February 22nd, 2021

Pro Feature

Exporting estimates to BuilderTrend is a PRO feature only available on our PRO plan. See how to upgrade to PRO: How to Upgrade or Change Your Subscription‍ 

To export to Buildertrend, open up the estimate you would like to export. Scroll down to the Export Project button. Hover over it and click Export to Buildertrend:


You’ll then see a .csv file downloaded to your computer. Save it somewhere you can find it.

The next step is to open up Buildertrend and click Financial > Estimates.

Choose the job you would like to import the estimate to.

On the right side of your screen click Import and then choose Clear Estimates.

From here, find the file we downloaded from Clear Estimates and upload it. Click Next to move to the next step.

Choose your cost codes and click Next.

That’s it! You’ve uploaded your estimate to Buildertrend.

Hope this helps!

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