How to Export an Estimate to BuilderTrend

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Updated at November 9th, 2022

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Pro Feature

Exporting estimates to BuilderTrend is a PRO feature only available on our PRO plan. See how to upgrade to PRO: How to Upgrade or Change Your Subscription‍ 



Not a BuilderTrend user? You can set up a BuilderTrend account here: Schedule a BuilderTrend Demo

To export to Buildertrend, open up the estimate you would like to export. Next, click Export Project at the top of your Projects page. Click the option to Export to BuilderTrend: 


This will download a .csv file to your computer (normally to your "Downloads" folder). 

The next step is to open up BuilderTrend and click Financial > Estimates:

Next, choose the job where you want to import the estimate: 

On the right side of your screen, click Import. Then, choose Clear Estimates:

Now, click "Choose File" find the .csv you downloaded from Clear Estimates. Click the file and upload it to BuilderTrend. 

Click Next to move to the next step.

Choose your cost codes and click Next. The "Cost Codes" from Clear Estimates are your category titles (i.e. "1 Project Preparation", "12 Roofing and Gutters", etc). You can map each of your Clear Estimates categories to the appropriate cost code in BuilderTrend: 

Once your estimate is imported into BuilderTrend, you will see two lines for each item in your estimate. There will be a line for each item's material cost, and a separate line for any labor (or subcontractor) cost. 

To see exactly what will be imported into BuilderTrend, simply open the downloaded .csv file in Excel or Google Sheets. From there, you will see how the information will carry into BuilderTrend: 

Hope this helps!

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