Known Conflicts

Common issues that can interfere with the quality of Clear Estimates

Last Updated By Michael Croteau

Updated at February 6th, 2024

Clear Estimates is a cloud based tool which operates in your preferred web browser. 

Since each web browser is a bit different from the next, sometimes certain browser issues can interfere with Clear Estimates. The following is a list of known conflicts, and potential workarounds for those situations. 

Part Browser Dropdown Issue - Chrome

Browser affected Chrome 120.0.6099.224/225/234 on Windows
Description Part browser drop downs can't be clicked. When drop downs are selected, no parts or warnings are shown. Subcategories unable to be selected. 
Cause MacAfee Web Advisor issue

1. Click the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome:


2. Hover over Extensions, and click Manage Extensions: 

3. Disable MacAfee Web Advisor and refresh Clear Estimates. 

Alternatively, use a different browser like Edge or FireFox. 

Safari Site Security Issue

Browser affected Safari 15-16
Description Warnings that the site is not secure. “Stripped down” appearance of Projects page.  Details of page are missing, warnings are shown, or dropdowns appear to be “loading”:

Cause TLS configuration issue, outdated Mac OS

Update Mac OS (and Safari browser) to most recent version. Or, use Chrome or another browser.


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