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Updated at February 23rd, 2022

1. Select your “Templates” tool.
2. Use the dropdown to find a template to export.
3. Select “Import/Export” on the right hand side.
4. Click “Export Current Template”.
5. Select “Import Template” to import a new template. 


Clear Estimates allows you import and export templates, making it easy to share templates with other users! You can either export the templates that we offer, or import one that you create!

How To:

To import or export templates, head to your “Templates” tool in the top right. The Templates tool is where you manage the templates in your account:

Export a template

To export a template, use the dropdown to find the template you want to export. Then, hover your mouse over “Import/Export“ (right side):

 Next, click “Export Current Template“:

This will download a .csv file of the template to your computer. We recommend exporting copies of any templates you create yourself. 

If you'd like to share the template with someone else, you can easily attach that .csv file to an email!

Import a template

To Import a template, click "New" first - to enable the Import / Export options.

Then, hover over “Import/Export” and click “Import a Template“:

This will open your “Import a Template” wizard. Then, select “Browse“:

Select the template .csv file from your computer. Then, select “Next Step“:

Clear Estimates will check for any errors. Once everything looks good, select “Import“.

You will see a confirmation that the template was imported successfully.

Note - any templates you import will be placed in "Your Custom Templates" (at the bottom of your list). 

To change this, use the second "Category" dropdown to update your template's category: 

Template Categories

Each template has a category assigned. If you'd like to create your own template category, click "Category Editor" at the top of the Templates tool: 

Next, click "Add Category". Your new category will be added to the bottom of your list. Click into the title to change it:

To change the order of categories, you can click / drag using the lines (to the left of your category):

Hope this helps!

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