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How to Set Up Rounding Preferences

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Updated at August 12th, 2022

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Click Options
Under "Preferences", click "Rounding". 
Set up your rounding preferences. 
Click "Save" at the bottom.



Clear Estimates includes a number of settings for your proposals. One of those options is your rounding preferences, which allow you to customize how costs add up on your proposal. 

Rounding allows you to remove extra cents from your base bid cost, and present your client with a clean, rounded number. 

For example, if your base bid is $9,690.36, and you round to the nearest dollar, your project cost would be displayed as $9,690.00 on your proposal.  

Clear Estimates lets you round your base bid cost to the nearest $1.00$10.00, or $100.00 figure. 



Always set up your rounding preferences before sending any estimate to a client. This way, your numbers are consistent.

How To

First, find your Options tool (top right of your screen): 

From the menu on the left side, click "Rounding" (under "Preferences"):

Now, set up your rounding preferences. You can round your base bid to the nearest $1.00, $10, or $100. You can also choose different rounding preferences for your alternate work order report

Note: You can turn off rounding by clicking "do not round". 

Last, click "Save" at the bottom: 

That's it! Now the base bid on your proposal will be rounded to your liking. 

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