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Updated at October 23rd, 2023


One of the best things about Clear Estimates is the customizability! Tailoring the software to your company’s needs is simple, and you can easily manage your account settings right within the software. All of your account settings can be found in the Options tool – found in the upper right corner of your screen:

Within the Options tool, you can manage and change your Labor Rates, Default Report Settings, set your own Default Markup, manage your Clear Estimates integrations, create your own Payment Schedules, and more! Here’s how it works:

Labor Rate Editor

The Labor Rate Editor is where you can view, manage, and create labor rates to use in your projects. From here, you can adjust rates, add custom labor rates, and view recommended labor rates for your area.

Time Card Editor

The Time Card Editor lets you keep track of the hours you spend working on different tasks. Each Part category has a respective "Time Card category" within the Time Card Editor. Here, you can choose which Part Categories you want to be grouped into different Time Card categories.

Payment Schedule Editor

Clear Estimates gives you the option to add a payment schedule to your estimate. The Payment Schedule Editor is where you can build, manage and customize your own payment schedules. Payment schedules allow you to include payment terms for your client on the proposal, and can then be used to invoice your clients. Once you have created a new payment schedule, you can quickly add it to your estimate!

Reports Settings

A professional proposal is key to your business. Clear Estimates offers plenty of customization for your proposals, and those options can all be found under Report Settings. This is where you can customize your proposal layout, adjust component settings, hide subtotals and include line item costs by default. This is also where you will adjust your settings for Alternates / change orders, Cost Status reports and invoices


Want to set up default markup for all of your projects? You can do this in the Preferences section of your Options Tool. Here, you can also adjust your rounding settings and create default tax items that will appear on every new estimate. This is great for when you have a default markup or misc. costs that you always want to include!


Clear Estimates offers integrations with several handy tools – all of those integrations can be found in the Integrations section. This is where you can link Clear Estimates to Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online, and manage Payable Invoicing! This is also where you can set up integrations with Zapier when using Clear Estimates Pro.


How To:

Want to create or modify your labor rates? Here’s how:

Create A New Labor Rate

Want to change, or create a new Payment Schedule?

Create Payment Schedules

Want to include line item costs on your proposal by default? You can find this here:

Include Line Item Costs by Default

Looking to set a default markup for all of your projects? Here’s how:

Set Default Markup

Need help setting up or managing your Clear Estimates Integrations? Find out how:

Set Up Zapier Integration
Set Up Quickbooks Online Integration
Set Up Quickbooks Desktop Integration
Set Up Clearent Integration 

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