How to Find Recommended Labor Rates

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Updated at February 17th, 2022

1. Click “Options”
2. Click “Labor Rate Editor” 
3. Select the link called “Click here for our recommended Labor Rates.”
4. Scan the columns for labor rates in your area!


By default, Clear Estimates includes labor rates for virtually all remodeling related trades. Using your Labor Rate Editor, you can customize your labor rates even further.

To help along the way, we offer a list of recommended labor rates for multiple cities – in all 50 States! You can find these Labor Rate suggestions by heading to Options > Labor Rate Editor, and click the link at the top of this tool.


How To:

To view recommended labor rates for your area, select your “Options” tool:


Then, in the Options menu, find your “Labor Rate Editor“:


This will open your Labor Rate Editor tool. Then, click the link at the top:

This link will open a spreadsheet listing labor rates for multiple trades.

Use the left side column of the spreadsheet to find your area:

Then, use the top columns to find a trade:

Now, you can use this data to ▶️ Customize Your Labor Rates‍ 

To learn more about how labor costs can be calculated, click here!

That’s it! Hope this helps!

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