How the $/unit Cost Calculation Works

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Updated at April 16th, 2021


You've certainly seen this calculation type before! This is where you simply enter a cost per unit for a particular item. When Clear Estimates calculates the total cost of the part, it will multiply your cost/unit times the quantity you've entered.

Where You Can Use It

The $/unit calculation option is available for your Material, Labor, or Subcontractor costs as well as for most unit types! That means you can charge $4/sqft for Labor Costs or $20/cubic foot for Subcontractor Costs, or even $10/piece for Material Costs!

What costs can be $/unit?

What units can be $/unit?



Charge a $/Unit for Materials

Charging your customer a $/unit for materials is easy! Just open the part and make sure the "Material Cost Calculation" is selected. 

Then, choose "$/unit" as the calculation type for your material costs.
Last, simply enter the dollar amount you want to charge per unit!

More How-To Examples!

How-To: Charge Your Customer a $/unit for Labor

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