How the Lump Sum Cost Calculation Works

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Updated at May 28th, 2021


Lump sum is great when you want to charge a customer a fixed amount, regardless of the quantity. Perfect for installation costs when you don't want to get into the details about how many hours it will take: instead, just charge a flat rate!

Where You Can Use It

The lump sum calculation option is available for your Material, Labor, or Subcontractor costs! That means you can charge $350 for Labor Costs or $500 for Subcontractor Costs, or even $1,200 for Material Costs! Or, any combination of the three!

What costs can be lump sum?



Charge a Lump Sum for Materials

Charging your customer a lump sum for materials is easy! Just open the part and make sure the "Material Cost Calculation" is included for this part.

Then select the "Lump Sum" calculation type for the material costs.
Last, simply enter the dollar amount you want to charge!

You can use the same process for Labor or Subcontractor Costs as well!

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