How to Add an Additional User

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Updated at May 13th, 2021

A Clear Estimates Pro account allows you to add additional users via email. This is great for anyone with multiple sales members, or anyone that would like to provide their colleagues with separate email access.

PRO Only Feature

Adding additional users to your account is a PRO only feature. How to Upgrade or Change Your Subscription‍ 

To add an additional user to your account, click your email in the top right of your screen.

From here, enter the email of the person you would like to add. Then, click Add. This will send them an invite.

Head to the email that the invite was sent to. Click the link in the email and set up a password for the new email.

That’s it! Your new user has been invited and can now begin estimating. Here is a list of things a Sales account can and cannot do.

If the user ever needs to be removed, head into the Admin account and click your email in the top right of your screen. Then, click the X next to the user’s email.

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