How To Update Payment Information

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Updated at September 15th, 2022

  • Click “Options”
  • Under "My Account", click “Manage Subscription” 
  • Scroll to “Payment Method Information”
  • Click “edit” 
  • Input new card info
  • Click “Update”


You can update your payment method in just a few steps! Click Options, and find the "My Account" section at the bottom. From here, click Manage Subscription.

Then, find the Payment Method Information section, and click "Edit".

Input your new card info, and select "Update". 

To add a backup payment method, select “Add” at the top right of the Payment Method Information window.
Input your backup card info, and select “Update“.

To change your backup payment method to your primary payment method, select “Manage” under your backup payment card info.

How To

To update your payment method, head to your Options tool in the upper right corner of your screen, and select “Manage Subscription” (under "My Account"): 

This will open your Customer Portal.

Next, find the “Payment Method Information” section, and click “Edit”:

This will open your Payment Method Information window. Add your updated credit card number, expiration date and billing address info. Then, select “Update”: 

Backup Payment Method

You can also add a backup payment method to your subscription. This is helpful if you need a secondary payment method available. 

From the Customer Portal, click “Add” from the Payment Method Information window:

Fill in your secondary payment information, the same as before. Then, select “Update”:

You will now see your backup payment information displayed (just below your primary method): 

To change your backup payment method to “Primary”, select “Manage”. 

Then choose “Mark as Primary” from the dropdown. This is also where you can remove or edit your backup payment method:

And that’s it!

See a Quick Video:

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