Finding a Lost or Deleted Estimate

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Updated at March 18th, 2021

In this article, we’ll discuss how to find lost or deleted estimates.

Since no estimates can be deleted, there’s a good chance your estimate is in your account. We just need to find it. 

The first step is to head to your Home page. There, you will see your five most recent estimates. You can click the name of each estimate to open it. Once opened, confirm that it is not the estimate you are looking for.

The second thing to check is that you do not have any projects titled “New Project”. This is the easiest way for an estimate to get lost. This is common and happens when you do not name your project. Always be sure to name your estimates.

If you still can’t find your estimate, head to your Customers page. Here, you’ll see a complete breakdown of all customers and projects. Double check each one to make sure it did not get placed in another customer’s profile or named something else. Something common is that an estimate is named incorrectly, and created under another customer’s profile.

Double check your archived customers and projects. Archived is a “remove” folder, only the customers and projects aren’t actually removed from your account, they’re just out of sight. Double check your archived customers and projects for your estimate, it may have been archived. If you find your estimate or customer has been archived, click it, and then click Load this Project/Customer.

Best Practices:

Always name your estimates. This helps you identify the estimate at a future date and avoids having “New Project” sitting around. Confirm the estimate you are currently working on by viewing the customer and estimate name in the top left of your screen, in bold.

Archive customers and estimates that are no longer active. This helps keep your database clean of clutter and easy to navigate.

We hope this helps you find a lost estimate!

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