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Updated at November 13th, 2023

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Hey, something's changed! We've redesigned the Clear Estimates Projects page, giving you a new and improved estimating interface - plus, much more flexibility with your estimates and reports!

Let's look at what's changed! 

New Improvements


Mobile Friendly Design

Now, you can pull up Clear Estimates on a phone or tablet, and estimate with ease! Now optimized for mobile estimating, you'll have a much easier time estimating on your phone, or a tablet!


In Line Editing Capability

Now, you can click and edit almost any column on your estimate, right on the overview! No need to open the item using the edit button. 

In-line editing lets you make quick adjustments to any of your part costs or descriptions. You can click any of the following columns, to make quick adjustments: 

  • Description
  • Qty
  • Category
  • Material cost
  • Labor cost

To adjust your description or report text, simply click your part description: 


To change anything about the material or labor cost, simply click your Material or Labor columns: 

You can still open up your part's Adjust Part tool, using the Pencil:

To remove a part from your estimate, click the Trash Can

Read more about editing categories below!


Category Flexibility

Good news! You have more control than ever over how your proposals are organized! 

You can now make "one-off" changes to your part categories, just for that one estimate! Click your "Category" column to switch a part's category: 

This allows you full control over the part ordering in your project - you can easily move parts into a different category, if you need those parts sorted together!



We'd love to hear your feedback! If you have any thoughts you'd like to share, please reach out to us here


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