Navigating the Home Page

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Updated at February 22nd, 2021

Hi Everyone,

This article is to help you navigate the Home page. The Home page is where you can search for customers and projects, see your existing projects, and create new projects:

To search for existing customers/projects, click in the box below. Type a few letters into the search bar and you will see relevant projects pop up.

Your five most recent projects will always display on this page. Click the project name to open the project. Click the customer name to return to the Customer tab. There, you can edit the customer information.


To start a new project, click the New Project button:

If you want to find a recently archived project, you can use the “Show Archived Customers & Projects” checkbox to display those projects:

To see a quick refresher on how to set up your material and labor pricing, as well as how to start an estimate, click the video on the right side of the page.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to Clear Estimates!

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