How to View Billing / Charge History

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Updated at June 22nd, 2022



If you are looking to view the status of project invoices you’ve sent to your customers, click here.

Click “Options”
Find "My Account", and click “Manage Subscription”
Scroll down to “Payment History” window
To view older invoices, click “Next”


You can view your Clear Estimates payment / billing history, right from your account!

To do this, click Options (top right of your screen). Then, find the "My Account" section, and click Manage Subscription. 

This will open your Customer Portal. Next, find the Payment History section. This is where you will see all of your Clear Estimates payment / charge history!

(To view older invoices, click "next" at the bottom right of the Payment History section).

How To:

To view your charge history, head to your Options tool in the upper right corner of your screen, and click “Manage Subscription” (under "Account Info"). 

Now you have opened your Customer Portal.

Scroll down to find the “Payment History” section:

This is where you will see past charges / invoices. Your most recent charge will appear first. To view older invoices, click “Next” in the bottom right of your Payment History:

You will see an option to “Download as PDF” – this is handy if you need a copy of an invoice for your records:

To see when your next billing will take place, simply look right below the Payment History box – here you will find your Subscription information. You will see a blue box telling you when your next billing is scheduled:


And that’s it!

We hope this helps!

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