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Updated at October 10th, 2022

Refund Policy

Clear Estimates will issue refunds on payments up to 30 days after the transaction has occurred and only when you are cancelling your subscription. To request a refund, please open a ticket with our support team and we will assist you in getting a refund. Refunds will only be provided when you also cancel your subscription. 

Refunds for payments older than 30 days

Clear Estimates does not issue refunds on payments made more than 30 days ago. 

Clear Estimates sends you an email with each and every invoice or payment made to Clear Estimates. So you can very easily see when a payment is made and then within 30 days request a refund at the link above. 

Just like your business, we have a variety of costs involved with providing our product and service. For example, many of our suppliers charge us based on the number of subscriptions or users that we have, so even if you don't log in during a month we still pay our suppliers for you to have access. For this reason, we only issue refunds for payments made in the last 30 days. 

Clear Estimates will only provide refunds when you are cancelling your subscription. You will not be able to get a refund unless you are also terminating your subscription.

Annual & 6-Month Subscriptions

Clear Estimates offers annual and 6-month subscriptions at a discount. It helps us avoid transaction costs for each month's payment and allows us to purchase from our suppliers on an annual rate rather than a monthly, win-win! 

This means, however, that we do not issue partial refunds on annual subscriptions. If you are within 30-days of your annual subscription renewal payment, we can issue you a full refund for that payment as well as cancelling your account. However, if you are 3 months into your annual subscription, for example, we will not issue any refund for the payment and your account will remain open for the remainder of the period. 

If you would prefer to have more options to cancel mid-year, the monthly plans are a great option and can be cancelled at any time!


Last Payment Date 
Refund Amount
Monthly  29 days ago (or less) Full Refund for this Payment
Monthly 31 days ago (or more) No Refund for this Payment
Annual 29 days ago (or less) Full Refund for this Payment
Annual 31 days ago (or more) No Refund for this payment

Future Account Credits

We do not issue refunds in the form of account credits. This may become an option in the future, however, at the moment we do not issue refunds in the form of account credits. 

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