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Clear Estimates User Guide - Account Setup

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Updated at October 5th, 2023


Welcome to the first installment of the Clear Estimates User Guide! In this guidebook, you'll learn the very basics of setting up your Clear Estimates account. 

As a first time user, this section will show you the process for setting up a new account - step by step!

Signing Up

The first step to using Clear Estimates is to sign up for a subscription. You can do that from our main page,

So, step one is to head to

Either click the link included above, or type “” into your URL bar. Then, click Start Free Trial


Next, choose the plan option you'd like to start with. (Note - Annual plans are available at a 20% discount)!

Then, click Start Your Free Trial:


Next, fill out the information about your subscription. This will include account information, billing information and payment method. (Don't worry, you can cancel anytime during your trial without billing). 

Note: Your user name will be your email address, and your estimates will be sent to clients from the email you enter on this page:

 At the bottom of the checkout page, click Submit and Start Estimating:


Next, you'll be taken to an instruction page, letting you know to go check your email: 

So, head into your email, and find the email that says Last Step! Open to Get Started! Set Up Your Clear Estimates Password

It should come from Click the email to open it:

Within the email, you'll see a link to set up your password. Click the link!

Setting Up Your Account 

Now you'll be taken to a new page where you can set your login password. 

You'll want to enter your password twice: Once where it says Password, and again where it says Confirm Password. Be sure to type it in both places, the exact same way. 

Then, click Save and Next:


Next, you'll be asked to choose a location for your material pricing. That's right! You'll have a huge library of remodeling costs, right at your fingertips - sourced directly from your area!

Clear Estimates will usually suggest a location, but you can also search for a different location. 

Once the location you want is selected, click the blue button at the bottom to continue:

Now it's time to check your company information. 

Double check your company name, phone, email, and address. This information will display on your proposals later, so be sure it is set up the way you like. 

Below that, you'll also see an option to Set Company Logo. This allows you to use your own logo on your Clear Estimates documents! Don't worry - you can always add that later, if needed.

Once everything looks good, click Save and Next:

Next, you'll be asked if you want to be contacted by Clearent by Xplor to set up payable invoicing. 

Through Clearent by Xplor, you're able to send payable invoices directly to your clients - and your clients can pay you directly via credit card or ACH check. 

If you're interested in setting up a call with Clearent by Xplor, just click the checkbox (you'll automatically get $10 off your first Clear Estimates billing!): 

The last thing now is to watch a quick video on how Clear Estimates works. 

This video is on our help center, so if you'd like to skip it, just click Complete Onboarding and Start Estimating (just below the video): 

This will take you into the Clear Estimates software - and hooray! Its time to get started.  

Before we begin our first estimate, we'll want to tailor our account for our specific business. 

So, in the next chapter, we'll talk about personalizing Clear Estimates for your business: 

Personalizing Clear Estimates

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