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Updated at May 18th, 2021

You are now able to email your proposals (reports) directly to the customer from Clear Estimates. This provides a quicker alternative to downloading the proposal via Word or PDF. Before sending out your estimate, you’ll want to adjust the boilerplate (legal language). Learn more about that here - ▶️ Boilerplate Information‍ 

You can email directly from your Projects page by hovering over View Formal Report.

Alternatively, follow these directions:

To email the proposal directly to a client, you’ll first want to head into “Reports” and click the report you would like to send out, either “Preliminary”, “Formal” or “Subcontractor”. Once you select the proper report, click “Send to Customer”.

A new window will pop up giving you the opportunity to scribe an email that will go along with the report. You can click anywhere in the body of the email to adjust the message:

Once you are finished, click “Send”:


Now your proposal has been sent out! To learn more about checking the status of your sent proposals, read How To View Status of Sent Proposals / Invoices‍ 

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