Charge a Flat Rate for Labor

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Updated at August 1st, 2022

How to charge a Flat Rate for Labor

In this example, we're looking at how you can input a flat labor cost for a part to charge for that on your estimate. This is great for when you know what you want to charge the customer already, you can quickly input this into your estimate!

You can also do this for material or subcontractor costs! See these articles for more information:

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Simple Steps:

Let's say you're installing an appliance and you want to charge your customer $250 (plus markup) for labor.

  1. First, Open the Part by clicking on the pencil:  

  2. Make sure the “Labor Cost Calculation” is checked:


  3. Click “Hours/unit” and select “Lump Sum":

  4. Type in the Lump Sum that you want for labor cost of this item: $200 
  5. [Optional] Adjust your labor rate to get an accurate estimate for labor hours: 

  6. [Optional] Adjust your labor markup to customize the price the customer will pay.

See It In Action!


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