Connect your Clearent API Key to Your Account

Learn how to securely connect your Clearent API Key to your account

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Updated at May 4th, 2023

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Clear Estimates now partners with Clearent by Xplor, meaning you’ll be able to accept payments right from your invoices!

If you’ve already signed up for Clearent, and have received your API key email, this article is for you!

No Clearent Account? 

If you are looking to accept payments, but have not yet signed up for a Clearent account, click here to sign up for a Clearent account and start accepting payments through Clear Estimates! 



How To

Your API key will be emailed to you from Clear Estimates. You will receive two emails, one containing a .pdf file - and another with a password to open that .pdf. 

Open the email titled "Clearent - Accessing Terminals Information for Order", and copy the password in that email:

Once copied, open the second email titled "Clearent - Ordered Terminal's Information for Terminal". 

You will see a .pdf file attached to this email. Click the .pdf:

Once clicked, the .pdf will ask you for a password - paste your password from the first email here. 

Now your terminal information should open up. Scroll to "API Key":


Highlight and copy the entire API key from this document. 

Next, head to your Clear Estimates account and open your ‘Options’ tool in the top right.  

From the menu on the left side, click "Integrations":


Paste your API key where it says “Clearent Secret API Key”:


Then, click "Save". 

That’s it! Now that the API key has been added, you can create an invoice, and run a test sale. To create an invoice, just head to your Reports > Cost Status > Add Invoice. 

You can run a test sale for any amount (say, $1.00), and pay yourself that amount from the invoice. 

To reference an article on how to create an invoice, read Create an Invoice‍.

For a video walkthrough on adding your Clearent API, click here!

Thanks for reading!

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