Create an Invoice

Last Updated By Michael Croteau

Updated at March 4th, 2022

Clear Estimates allows customers to create invoices!

You can check out a quick tutorial here, and find written instructions below:

To create an invoice head to Reports > Cost Status. At the bottom of your screen, you will see an option to Add Invoice. Click it.

The screen below will show up. Enter information about the invoice. You can select pre-filled info for a payment schedule, or manually create it. When you are done, click ‘Create Invoice’.

The invoice has been created and we can see it on our Cost Status page. Click the Printer Icon to view the invoice and download it. Click the Email Icon to send the invoice to your customer. For customers with payments integrated: Click the ‘chainlink’ to send a link to your customer to get paid. 

When you hear back from your client and receive payment, you can record a receipt of that payment. To do this, click the Add Payment button. Fill out the information just like you did with the invoice and hit Save.

Now you have successfully invoiced and recorded your first payment! This page will display all of your invoices and payments. Invoices will always have a number in front of them. Payments will be represented by an orange dollar bill (on the left side). To see how much has been paid and how much is owed, click the Print Report button.

Thanks for reading and let us know if any questions come up!

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