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Updated at November 20th, 2023

Clear Estimates makes it easy to create invoices!

You can check out a quick tutorial here, and find written instructions below:


How To

Your invoices are created and stored in Reports > Cost Status. At the bottom of that page, you will see an option to Add Invoice:


Click Add Invoice, and a new window will open. This is where you can decide how to create your invoice.  

You can create your invoice from a Payment Schedule, from an existing Alternate, or by adding a Manual amount:

You can choose a payment schedule item (or an alternate), and click Create Invoice. That will show you an invoice link, which you can copy and send to your customer. 

Manual Invoice

If you create a Manual invoice, you can simply type in the total you want to charge. You can also reference your project cost information on the right side, if needed! You'll see a summary of project costs, balance due, and any existing payment schedules and alternates. 

Reference your costs as needed, and then you can add in an Amount and Description:

Lastly, click "Save" at the bottom. Then, you'll see your invoice link. You can copy this link and send it to your customer:



Invoice Tools

You'll now see your invoice listed on your Cost Status page. 

Click the Printer to view a PDF of your invoice (you can download it from the preview).
To edit the invoice, click the Pencil and Paper
To send or email your invoice, click the Envelope
To copy the link, click the Chain Link:


Adding Payments

When you hear back from your client and receive payment, you can record a receipt of that payment. To do that, click the Add Payment button. You can create your payment from an existing invoice, from a Payment Schedule, or by adding a Manual amount:


If you click From Invoice, it will mark the invoice as paid. The invoice now serves as a receipt for your client.

Now you have successfully invoiced and recorded your first payment! This page will display all of your invoices and payments. 

Balance Due

To print a report with your balance due, click the Print Report button. That will allow you to print a Cost Status report, which tracks invoices and payments:


Payable Invoicing 

Lastly, if you want to make your invoices payable by credit card or ACH check, we offer that through our partner company Clearent. You can find info on Clearent from the Cost Status page: 

Or, just click this link to connect with a Clearent rep: 

Connect With Clearent

Once you connect with a Clearent rep and set up a payment terminal, you can follow these instructions for adding Clearent to Clear Estimates!

Projects Page Shortcut 

There is a shortcut button on the Projects page, allowing you to quickly create an invoice. To do this, head to the Projects page, and click More > Create InvoiceYou can also find a link to your cost status page, by clicking View Invoices

Thanks for reading!

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