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Updated at April 27th, 2023

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This guide shows how to create a manual payment record in Clear Estimates. Want your invoices payable automatically via credit card? Click here to learn more!

  • Click “Reports”
  • Click “Cost Status”
  • Click “Add Payment”
  • Choose From Payment Schedule, From Invoice, or Manual
  • Click “Create Payment”


To log payments in Clear Estimates, head to Reports > Cost Status. This is where you can create / keep track of invoices and receipts for your project. To create a payment, select “Add Payment” from the bottom of the Cost Status page.

You will be asked to select where you want to create the payment from. You can create a payment from your Payment Schedule‍ , from an existing Invoice‍ , or you can create a manual payment.

Once created, you payment record / receipt will be listed in the Cost Status page, along with your existing invoices.

How To:

To create a payment record in Clear Estimates, head to Reports > Cost Status:

Next, select “Add Payment“:

Now, choose which type of payment you would like to create. You can choose an item from your payment schedule, a manual payment amount, or from an invoice.

You can use the “select” drop down to choose an existing payment schedule, or an existing invoice:

Next, select “Create Payment“:

You will now see your payment record / receipt listed in your Cost Status page:

You can then edit this receipt by selecting the blue “edit” button on the right side, or remove it using the red X:

If you have created a payment from an existing invoice, that invoice will now be marked as “Paid“:


And that’s it!

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