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Updated at February 17th, 2022

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to edit your boilerplate language. Boilerplate is the language that displays on your proposal, both at the beginning and end of the document. It typically includes things like general conditions, warranties, liabilities, insurance waivers, design agreements, etc. Really, anything that needs to be transparent with the customer when signing an estimate.

You can find your Boilerplate info by heading to your Reports > Boilerplate.

Scroll down and you’ll see the Boilerplate Information section. Here, you’ll adjust your boilerplate. You’ll see that Clear Estimates has provided you with several samples. You can click each one to adjust the language inside, or remove them entirely by clicking the red X.

When adjusting the text inside of your boilerplate, you’ll notice you have the option to:

  • Bold, italicize or underline words
  • Adjust font size for certain words
  • Insert variables
  • Insert lists
  • Justify text left, center and right

Once you select a boilerplate, check which report you would like it to display on. Either the P (preliminary), F (formal) or S (subcontractor). You’ll see checkboxes that allow you to do that.

In the example below, I have created a boilerplate that is only going to display on my Formal Report.

That’s it! You’ve created your first boilerplate. Now, let’s take a look at what that looks like on our Formal report.

Click here for a quick video guide on setting up boilerplate!

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