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Updated at May 12th, 2022

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This article is for the Quickbooks Online integration. 
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In this article we’ll discuss exporting your estimates to Quickbooks Online account.

First, we need to connect your QB Online account. To do this, open your Clear Estimates account and click Options > Integrations. Then, click Log In under Quickbooks Online:

You’ll be asked to enter your QB Online credentials. Go ahead and fill out that info.

Next, confirm that you would like to share information in Clear Estimates with Quickbooks Online.

You’re now connected! The last step in setting up your account is to map the three categories of items, Material, Labor and Subcontractor. You can find this by heading to your Options > Miscellaneous. You can name these whatever you’d like. When finished, be sure to click Save. 

This means that you are now able to send estimate data from Clear Estimates to your Quickbooks Online account.

The next step is to send actual estimate data to Quickbooks. To do so, create your estimate and at the top of the Projects page (where the estimate is created), click Export Project and click Export to QB Online.

Select what information you would like to send to Quickbooks Online.

Once exported, head to your Quickbooks Online account. You can find your estimate data by first selecting the Customer, and then opening the estimate.

Keep in mind that the three categories of information that are sent to your QBO account are Material, Labor and  Subcontractor. 

Note: Taxes and discounts will not be ported into Quickbooks. You will need to set up taxes and discounts in Quickbooks itself for your invoices. 

That’s it! You’ve successfully connected your Quickbooks Online account with your Clear Estimates account.

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