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Updated at October 3rd, 2023

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Clear Estimates makes it easy to manage your subscription right from the software! Those preferences and settings can be found in your “Options” tool – found in the upper right corner of your screen:



Use the category list on the left side of the Options tool to find the "My Account" section. To cancel, click "Cancel Subscription" at the very bottom. For any other subscription changes, click "Manage Subscription".


If you click "Manage Subscription", this will open up your Customer Portal. Your Customer Portal is where you will update your payment information, change your subscription plan, view billing / payment history, and find out when your next billing cycle occurs. You can also cancel your subscription / unsubscribe from the Customer Portal, as well!


Need to change your email address?

Updating your account email is something our team can assist with. Please contact us with your request here.


Cancel Subscription

You can cancel your subscription by logging into your account and clicking Options in the top right corner of Clear Estimates. Then, click Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the menu on the left side. This will show you the steps: 

How To Cancel Your Subscription

If you need help cancelling, please reach out to our team here and let us know your account email and name, our team is always happy to assist with your account. 

Additional Resources

Want to know how to change something about your subscription, payment or billing information? You can find that here:

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Add a Back Up Payment Method
View Billing History/Payment History
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Unsubscribe / Cancel Your Subscription

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