Cost Status & Invoicing Overview

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Updated at November 11th, 2022


You’ve created your estimate in Clear Estimates – and now it’s time to get paid! Clear Estimates makes it easy to manage invoices and payments from right within the software. All of your invoice and payment information can be found in Reports > Cost Status:


The Cost Status page is where all of your invoice and payment records will live. You can easily create an invoice manually, or from your payment schedule. Then, you can create payment records (receipts) for each invoice.



You have the option to create invoices from your Cost Status page. You will have the option to create an invoice either manually, or from a payment schedule you’ve already created. Once you’ve created your invoice, you can send it via link to your customer, or print the invoice for your records.


Clear Estimates allows you to keep track of payments / receipts from your Cost Status page. You can create a payment from an existing invoice, from your payment schedule, or manually. Once you’ve created a payment for an invoice, the invoice will show “Status: Paid” – then, you can share that with your customer!

Cost Status Report

The Cost Status Report is a summary of the costs and payments that exist on a given project. Each project has its own Cost Status Report – and you can use this to keep track of where you are payment wise with your project. From this page, you can also email the Cost Status Report to your clients.

How To:

Create A Payment 
Create An Invoice
View / Print Cost Status Report 

Send Invoice to your Customer 
Send Cost Status Report to your Customer
Check Status of Sent invoices 

Integrate with QuickBooks Online
Integrate with QuickBooks Desktop
Set Up Payable Invoicing through Clearent

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